OMA Conference 2017

Kingston sign

Wow. Here it was, my first conference in the museum profession. Kingston, Ontario hosted the Ontario Museum Association’s annual conference this year, and I was grateful for this venue’s closeness to my college in Peterborough. Two and a half hours of driving was pocket change compared to my previous bus journeys in England, and this event was meant to integrate and network as a professional, more than any sightseeing could do!

2017-10-12 20.34.22
Some of the cool swag from the OMA conference. The Kingston Pen pun amused me way more than it should have!

The theme of the annual OMA Conference this year was “Road to Renewal”, though to myself and many other emerging museum professionals, it aught to have been titled “Road to Museum Futures.” Yes, I know it’s not as catchy and the OMA’s is much better for everyone attending, but the overall feeling of the convention was one of opportunity and connection. Numerous panels and workshops focused on interconnectivity within the field, and I hope that years into my own museum career this concept sticks in my head as much as it has immediately after the event.

2017-10-13 07.04.49
Sunrise over the St. Lawrence River



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