Artifact Documentation

Each MMC is assigned an artifact for which they document, research, and finally catalogue to assist the Peterborough Museum & Archives’ collection backlog. Through this task, I advanced one object’s accessioning into the PMA’s collection. When I received charge of my particular artifact, it had only been in limbo for a few years but had no history on record to give it meaning within a Peterborough collection. I quickly produced the historical and interpretive research that gave the object a purpose, a provenance, and related it to the relevancy of the PMA’s mandate. The artifact was then photographed, catalogued, and labelled using a reversible method.

Peat Spade artifact research dossier – note that the donor’s information has been redacted under privacy concerns. The full dossier exists at the PMA.

We also created a mock-exhibit design for our selected artifacts, including mount and panel designs. Peat Spade panel final

This process was exciting and fulfilling for me, and I hope to embark on more collections processes to return voices to artifacts.

Skills Demonstrated:

  • Research methodolgy (ie. investigative, oral history interview) culminating in an extensive artifact dossier for its collection file
  • Creating museum connections and engaging with collections professionals
  • Proper, and reversible, artifact labelling
  • Artifact documentation through proper cataloguing procedures (ie. Nomenclature 3.0) and DSLR photography
  • Artifact handling practices

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