Care of Collections

Applied projects that teach how to care for specific collections is the bulk of our work in Care of Collections. Below are two projects where our materials knowledge has been put to practical use. A broken flower pot exercise taught dexterity skills for artifact reassembly and the feel for ceramics. A small silver cup can relate to all silver or metal objects within a collection that need systematic maintenance for the whole array to shine.

We also completed a condition reporting and light treatment of our artifacts for the final exhibit. I was tasked with a pair of wedding shoes that had tarnish and scuff marks on them. The scuff marks, being ‘historic dirt’, were left in place, though I did rub the excess tarnish/dirt from the metal fastener fo the shoes.

Skills Demonstrated

  • Patience
  • Artifact material knowledge
  • Artifact presevation methods
  • Manual dexterity
  • Knowledge that there will be many challenges in all sorts of collections, and it’s preparation to learn basic care methods

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