Cemetery Walks as Education Programs

With a group of three other students, I helped develop a program on subject matter very dear to me. My favourite area of research is in Victorian and Edwardian customs, and these time periods fell into our research for a Cemetery walk program for local grade 7 students. At St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, we showed students how to look beyond the facts engraved on headstones (in the forms of names, dates, and symbols) and develop research methods of their own to learn about true, local events.

This program was a great experience as the students were very engaged with the subject matter, and were eager to learn in an unusual program. When students take away a small bit of information, or learn to look at objects in a different way, I believe that an education program is successful. We also peaked their interest by learning about a subject matter not often talked about – who knew that even gravestone markings could be false? The students know this fact now!

Skills Demonstrated:

  • Fostering partnerships – working with previously partnered local school
  • Creativity – developing an idea of the partner’s for a program
  • Research and genealogical skills – utilizing local resources to develop content
  • Working with children/pre-teens

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