Exhibit Design

For the MMC exhibit, If the Shoe Fits: Fashion, Function, Footwear, each member of the class had the chance to try every element of exhibit design. We created the Big Idea, or our exhibit’s thesis, as a class. Within our individual exhibit pods, we developed the Interpretive Plan of artifacts used, draft panel and caption text, and overarching themes. My group focused on the venue halls of Peterborough, and developed our exhibit script, interactive elements, and design schematics around the interpretive plan and the Design Supervisors’ standards.

I was also part of the Design Supervisor team, and overlooked the entire design of the exhibit for visual cohesion. The team developed graphic standards, and I created the panel templates, maquette shell and scale, and assisted other members of the class in realizing their designs.

Within my exhibit section, I spear-headed building the maquette pieces and oversaw the floor plan. I was tasked to create a mount for a specific artifact. As a trained artist with backgrounds in graphic design and manual dexterity, these tasks came naturally to me.

Skills demonstrated:

  • Teamwork – our exhibit development scheme was not to be a sole undertaking, and the ability to compromise everyone’s design ideas was key to create exhibit standards.
  • Graphic design standard development
  • Visual and spatial recognition – our class motto became “Mock it up” to see how elements would interact with the overall exhibit theme
  • Working to scale


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