Rehousing Textiles

The Curatorial Centre of the Peterborough Museum and Archives gave us MMCs another great opportunity to work with collections. In small groups, we were tasked with condition reporting on a variety of textiles, cleaning the artifacts, and rehousing them in acid-free tissue paper and sturdy boxes.

My group faced a common challenge while working on a textile artifact: a sundress had brass-plated copper buttons, and they were beginning to corrode. To prevent further damage to the dress’s material, we decided to create a barrier with the tissue paper. Patiently and meticulously, we pulled each of the 25 buttons through small slits in the paper. Excess tissue paper was then folded over the buttons so they did not touch the dress while in storage. Creative minds make creative solutions!

Skills Demonstrated:

  • Teamwork – we took advantage of our larger number and delegated tasks
  • Handling practices
  • Use of proper textile cleaning methods
  • Creativity
  • Attention to detail

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